The AEV Ram Work Truck Is So Manly You'll Get Pregnant Looking At It

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) turns JK Jeep Wranglers into howlin' Hemi-powered Brute Double Cab Jeep pickups. They've been promising to bring their magic to Ram trucks for some time; now they've finally brought these unbelievably beastly work rigs to production. » 4/14/15 1:42pm 4/14/15 1:42pm

Now This Is How You Make A Tiny Truck Look Tough

Kahn Design is a part supplier on the insanity scale between outfitters Mansory and Icon, leaning hard toward this side of "batshit." This Land Rover Defender 2.4 TDCI 90 "Chelsea Wide Track" Pickup is what happens when they slap a big dose of body cladding on a tiny little truck. And it totally works. » 3/20/15 9:00pm 3/20/15 9:00pm

The First Modified 2015 Chevy Colorado Has Your Whole Weekend In The Bed

The stock 2015 Chevrolet Colorado did alright in the dirt, but the aftermarket's going to make it a whole lot more fun. Chevy's trying to get the ball rolling on that with this "Colorado Sport" concept, showing off how much fun the truck looks with a roll bar and no air splitter. » 9/25/14 11:54am 9/25/14 11:54am

GM Crate Engines Available Direct From GM...For A Price

GM Performance Parts has entered the direct-retailing fray by offering high-po hardware for purchase directly from its new online store at The new site promises 38 different crate engines along with more than 300 performance part numbers, all using an interface that "actually allows consumers… » 8/11/08 2:30pm 8/11/08 2:30pm

Aftermarket Manufacturers Go Sync, Next-Gen Also On The Way

We knew that Microsoft was going to look to hawk its Sync system elsewhere—especially with its booming popularity and the soon-to-be expired Ford contract. Now we know who is first to the free market table Alpine and Continental, two aftermarket manufacturers, are already working on integrating the voice command and… » 4/04/08 3:20pm 4/04/08 3:20pm

BMW 1-Series Accessories Brochure Leaks Out to Web

Remember those shots of the supposed BMW 1-Series tii we showed you late last week? Yeah, sorry boys, it's not a production version of the tii. Instead, it seems it's nothing more than just the German accessory brochure leaking out onto the web just a wee bit early for the wee little Bimmer. But, feel free to peruse… » 1/29/08 8:15am 1/29/08 8:15am