Jay Leno Drives A Supervillain Jeep With 50-Inch Tires And No Lift

You might recognize the Fab Fours Legend from SEMA a few months ago. Now that Leno's had a chance to take it out on the road we pretty much have to believe it is indeed real... though part of me's still pretty sure this is an R/C car or CGI animation. » 3/26/15 3:34pm Thursday 3:34pm

Now This Is How You Make A Tiny Truck Look Tough

Kahn Design is a part supplier on the insanity scale between outfitters Mansory and Icon, leaning hard toward this side of "batshit." This Land Rover Defender 2.4 TDCI 90 "Chelsea Wide Track" Pickup is what happens when they slap a big dose of body cladding on a tiny little truck. And it totally works. » 3/20/15 5:05pm 3/20/15 5:05pm

How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Adventure

Ready to take your big, heavy motorcycle off-road? Not so fast! Even a simple, low-speed crash is capably of damaging it irrevocably. Luckily, there's an abundance of effective crash protection available in the aftermarket. Here's the parts you need and how to fit them. » 3/03/15 8:00pm 3/03/15 8:00pm

​Apple-Approved CarPlay Accessories Are Coming

Accessory makers pay big bucks for those little "Works With iPhone" icons on the boxes of everything from cables to speaker docks, and a new trademark from Apple indicates that CarPlay will be the latest system to get in on the action. » 12/23/14 8:00pm 12/23/14 8:00pm

The Bushwacker 2015 Ford F-150 Is For Extreme Off-Road Rescues

We've already seen a few desert racing variants of the 2015 Ford F-150 from this year's SEMA show, but Bushwacker's "Off-Road Support" rig looks like more of a mud crawler. And the look is pretty mean. » 10/23/14 5:42pm 10/23/14 5:42pm

The First Modified 2015 Chevy Colorado Has Your Whole Weekend In The Bed

The stock 2015 Chevrolet Colorado did alright in the dirt, but the aftermarket's going to make it a whole lot more fun. Chevy's trying to get the ball rolling on that with this "Colorado Sport" concept, showing off how much fun the truck looks with a roll bar and no air splitter. » 9/25/14 11:15am 9/25/14 11:15am

2015 GMC Sierra 'Carbon' Doesn't Add Lightness; Just Subtracts Sidewall

GM has just bestowed the 2015 GMC Sierra with Carbon, Carbon 20, and Carbon 22 appearance packages that add for a lot of money will get you some stripes, convenience options, and guess what size wheels? » 9/12/14 2:26pm 9/12/14 2:26pm

Someone Wants To Bring Rear Louvered Spoilers To Future Pickups

Hidden between a supply closet and the toilets at AISIN's Detroit Auto Show stand was a 1:10th-ish scale model of an anonymous pickup with a slanted louver/spoiler setup looking like an Escalade EXT that wandered onto the set of Death Race. » 1/14/14 10:43am 1/14/14 10:43am

Hot rodders turn Nissan GT-R into a carbon fiber Godzilla

Nissan's GT-R does an impressive job of using monster power and tech to compensate for its considerable mass, but one California speed shop's decided that Godzilla could benefit from a radical course of liposuction anyway. » 11/18/11 10:00am 11/18/11 10:00am

Buy a turbo kit for your Miata, get a goat

Well, YOU don't get the goat, but a needy family for whom a goat can mean years of nutrition and economic stability, will. (Yes, all that from something that eats milk cartons.) » 7/28/11 9:30am 7/28/11 9:30am

The Ten Most Dated Car Mods

Is your car equipped with any of these ten commenter chosen played-out car modifications? If so, you should lose it now — or prepare to suffer the self-righteous (yet very much spot-on... in this case) wrath of the internet. » 6/28/10 11:00am 6/28/10 11:00am

Four Horrible Pep Boys Products

Two of Jalopnik's best took a trip to Pep Boys on Friday and found a number of horrible, horrible ways to customize your car. Here's four of the worst. » 6/22/09 1:00pm 6/22/09 1:00pm

GM Crate Engines Available Direct From GM...For A Price

GM Performance Parts has entered the direct-retailing fray by offering high-po hardware for purchase directly from its new online store at gmperformanceparts.com. The new site promises 38 different crate engines along with more than 300 performance part numbers, all using an interface that "actually allows consumers… » 8/11/08 2:30pm 8/11/08 2:30pm

How Not To Modify Your Mercury Cougar

Whereas we like to think Jalopnik is a fairly safe and friendly place to express an opinion, niche forums can be brutal. Take the story of one young man and his last generation Mercury Cougar at the New Cougar forums. We know it can't be easy to be a Cougar owner — who do you have to look down on? Topaz owners?… » 4/17/08 10:40am 4/17/08 10:40am

Aftermarket Manufacturers Go Sync, Next-Gen Also On The Way

We knew that Microsoft was going to look to hawk its Sync system elsewhere—especially with its booming popularity and the soon-to-be expired Ford contract. Now we know who is first to the free market table Alpine and Continental, two aftermarket manufacturers, are already working on integrating the voice command and… » 4/04/08 3:20pm 4/04/08 3:20pm

What's Killing The Car Stereo Industry?

A recent NPD Group and CEA study showed that car stereo sales and other car audio equipment had a steep decline in the fourth quarter of 2007. Single CD players dropped 4 percent, amplifiers dropped 21 percent, subwoofers dropped 18 percent and speakers dropped 8 percent—all compared to the same quarter in 2006.… » 2/28/08 1:40pm 2/28/08 1:40pm

BMW 1-Series Accessories Brochure Leaks Out to Web

Remember those shots of the supposed BMW 1-Series tii we showed you late last week? Yeah, sorry boys, it's not a production version of the tii. Instead, it seems it's nothing more than just the German accessory brochure leaking out onto the web just a wee bit early for the wee little Bimmer. But, feel free to peruse… » 1/29/08 8:15am 1/29/08 8:15am

PimpStar LED Rims, The Classy Way To Pick Up Strippers

The end is nigh! The insane individuals at DUB Custom Wheels have now brought us the PimpStar LED wheels, and thus the end of civilization as we know it. Using full color LED lights, a microprocessor and wireless modem, these wheels can display any images you like, on the fly, that can be changed even as you're… » 1/08/08 10:30am 1/08/08 10:30am

Alpine's 2008 Aftermarket Audio Catalog Surprisingly Filled With Goods

Alpine's 2008 lineup is here, and I have to say, I'm mighty impressed. If you remember back to yesteryear, Alpine was the bee's knees of aftermarket audio, but as of late they've kind of hit a slump. It looks like 2008 may again make Alpine a force to be reckoned with. » 1/03/08 9:30am 1/03/08 9:30am

Dramatic Prius Sales Video

Orson Welles once said, "The best thing commercially, which is the worst thing artistically, by and large, is the most successful." He was referring to drama, a concept the seller of this highly modified Toyota Prius has employed to great effect, though its commercial success remains to be seen. If after seeing the… » 10/12/07 7:44am 10/12/07 7:44am