Wings/Spoilers: You're probably doing it wrong.

I like reading Quora because some really smart people can be answering the questions. Case in point: somebody asks about "spoilers" and how much force they produce, and Ryan Carlyle, a subsea hydraulics engineer, sets the record straight. The following is reposted with his permission and will hopefully educate more… »12/03/14 3:37pm12/03/14 3:37pm


Way-Out Willys Gave 'em All a Treat In Hyannis, MA

A day without a Johnny Otis reference is like a day without sunshine. And, speaking of days without sunshine, how about Hyannis, Massachusetts, in the wintertime? That's where sharp-eyed reader UDMan spotted these two seriously cool Willys machines. After checking out the gallery, make the jump to hear what UDMan has… »12/13/07 3:00pm12/13/07 3:00pm

GM Introduces Saab 9-7x Aero; Gets Bigger V8, Still Not Swedish

Say what you will about the Saab 9-7X, that it's an upmarket Chevy Trailblazer clone, that it's a cynical product that belies Saab's charter or that it's about as Swedish as In-N-Out Burger. Of course, it has a nice interior, and the ignition key is on the console, so it's not entirely without Saab appeal. But… »8/03/07 7:10am8/03/07 7:10am

Back to the Wind Tunnel: SSC Falls Short of Speed Record

Blame it on the weather. American supercar builder SSC fell 23 mph short of breaking the prouction-car speed record yesterday. The company's 1183-hp Ultimate Aero TT was clocked at 230 mph on a closed stretch of Nevada highway. The snafu was snow (damn you Nevada microclimates), which added a hint of treachery from… »3/23/07 11:30am3/23/07 11:30am