Five Important Things Everyone Should Know to Survive the Next Weather Disaster

Humans suck at preparing for disasters. Society barely made it through the scourge of Twitter changing stars to hearts. When the sky darkens, thunder rumbles, or snow starts falling, many people simply fall to pieces. These five tips will help you get through the next big storm that’s bad enough to earn its own scary… »11/13/15 4:30pm11/13/15 4:30pm


Still On The Fence About A Motorcycle? Get On A Bicycle First

Besides my oma telling me “not to ride faster than my angel can fly,” there are two things I hear a lot as a motorcyclist: “I’d love to get into bikes but I’m nervous about balancing,” and “what’s a good first bike?” Honestly, if you’re really on the fence about the whole idea why not start with pedal power? »8/19/15 9:22pm8/19/15 9:22pm

White Lady Drives Mercedes to Pick Up Food Stamps; Chaos Ensues

Darlena Cunha had it so good in 2008 for a white woman from an affluent suburb with a college degree: She and her husband earned $120k, twins on the way, a house worth $250k. Then the market crashed, husband lost his (journalism) job, and the preemies needed costly formula. Their solid middle class income now clocked… »7/10/14 3:40pm7/10/14 3:40pm

You Know Those Jerks On Craigslist Who Hype Their Crap? Here's One

With a headline like "How I Got 30 Phone Calls And Sold My Car In One Hour On Craigslist", you know the contents have to be good. Before you read the revolutionary tactic under that title, we have a few suggestions of our own. Having used the list of Craig in buying all manner of flotsam and jetsam, we know a thing or… »2/15/08 10:00am2/15/08 10:00am

Fangin'! Changin' a Belt with the Washington Post

You know, we'd been remiss in checking in with Fang Huang lately, master of languages, the kitchen and motors. So we thought we'd check in on the guy (for some reason, we're suddenly thinking in Paul Teutel, Sr.'s voice). He put up a new video on changing a fan belt, and I gotta tell ya, it was awesome. Paulie I and… »1/20/06 11:04pm1/20/06 11:04pm