Why The Pan-American Highway Is Not The Adventure You Think It Is

You can have a great adventure on any road. But if you're planning an epic trip specifically to challenge man and machine, the Pan-American Highway — 30,000 miles of road from Alaska to Argentina — isn't the way to go. Beyond a particularly impressive total length the fabled PAH really is nothing more than, well,… » 3/13/15 4:00pm 3/13/15 4:00pm

How To Make The World's Highest Road More Extreme: Mountain Bike It

Kiwi mountain bikers Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle rode what's reported as the world's highest road, and right off it, in the Himalayas at 18,380 feet above sea level. The video's beautiful and will get you fired up for your next "road trip." » 2/18/15 8:10pm 2/18/15 8:10pm

How to Turn Your New Car into an Adventuremobile

I just bought the first car I've owned in 13 years and decided to break it in properly over the weekend. Ingredients for this adventure included: Death Valley, being naked around your friends and a bunch of crusty hippies, hot springs, Unimogs full of twinks, mushrooms and 125 miles of off-roading. » 2/16/15 7:00pm 2/16/15 7:00pm

There's A Ridiculous Traffic Jam Of So Many FJ40s On This Volcano

A reader just came back from a trip to Indonesia's Mt. Bromo volcano, where apparently just about every FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser has gone to retire. Look at them all! This is easily one of the greatest vacation videos I've ever seen. » 2/05/15 12:35pm 2/05/15 12:35pm

Chasing Dakar: What To Pack For A Month Of South American Off-Roading

In a few hours I'm flying to Buenos Aires to help lead an off-road tour chasing the 2015 Dakar Rally some 10,000 miles from Argentina to Bolivia to Chile and back to the start. So uh, what should I bring? » 12/30/14 7:16pm 12/30/14 7:16pm

Watch A Lake-Crossing Gone Wrong Leave This Dude Naked And Sans-Car

It's getting mighty cold out there, but the shitstorm of trouble these hapless explorers get themselves into might help you resist the temptation to "test the ice" with your tires any time soon. » 11/12/14 4:56pm 11/12/14 4:56pm

Is Land Rover's Eerie Tumblr-Based Storybook The Future Of Car Ads?

Today Land Rover published The Vanishing Game, a new miniature novel written by well-known British author William Boyd, on a "custom Tumblr page." Moving illustrations and sounds follow along with the story as you scroll through it. It's... kind of fascinating. » 11/12/14 2:18pm 11/12/14 2:18pm

Watch The Inspiring American Off-Road Adventure Of These Two Veterans

"Now I know why they call it The Last Frontier," said Kevin McMahon, surveying the Alaskan wilderness from a helicopter. He and David Guzman picked up a Nissan Titan, heavily modified with parts picked out by Nissan's Facebook fans, and headed into the bush for an incredible adventure. » 11/11/14 11:35am 11/11/14 11:35am

2014 ​Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Off-Road Tested On Nitto's New Dirt Tires

It sure seems like four-door Jeep Wranglers have surpassed the "coupes" in popularity. To see out how that extra length and weight affects the rig on the trail, we fitted Nitto's new Exo Grappler and Terra Grappler G2 off-road tires, attacked the dirt, and came back intact. » 11/05/14 4:29pm 11/05/14 4:29pm

10 Things To Know Before You Go: Moab, Utah 'America's Off-Road Capital'

Moab, Utah comes up in every conversation about America's off-road destinations. The region's unique "slickrock" makes for a driving experience unlike anything else, set to breathtaking views and some of the strongest off-road culture anywhere. Here are a few things to think about as you plan your first pilgrimage. » 10/29/14 10:02am 10/29/14 10:02am

Driving, Stalling, And Roadside-Reviving A Shelby Cobra

A reader got a chance to meet, and drive, one of his heroes: a Shelby Cobra replica. They ran into a little mechanical trouble on the road, but managed to get the car sorted again in time for supper. Here's his story. » 10/26/14 5:34pm 10/26/14 5:34pm

Sippin' Gas On A Sore Ass: My Week Living In A Nissan NV200

We know the 2014 Nissan NV200 is great for lugging art projects, the occasional motorcycle, or enough pizzas to feed a soccer league. But how long can it support human life before its occupant goes completely insane? (Spoiler: Not that long.) » 10/14/14 1:44pm 10/14/14 1:44pm

How To Run Away With Your Love On The 550,000-Mile Journey Of A Lifetime

Around 1990, Gunther Holtorf had just finished installing a bed and storage racks in his '88 G-Wagen. His next move was to put a personal ad in Die Zeit, and shortly after Christine responded he popped the question; "Why don't we do a little bit of travel?" » 10/10/14 1:38pm 10/10/14 1:38pm

​Ferries, Bears And Adventure Bikes In British Columbia

Two weeks ago, we rode big, heavy adventure bikes off-road through some of the remotest portions of British Columbia. It was a challenge, sure, and it was pretty, of course, but it was also one of those rare adventures that meant something special. Here's why. » 9/25/14 3:56pm 9/25/14 3:56pm

Learn The Techniques & Technology Of Off-Roading: Gentleman Style

This feature-length film presented by Vince Cobley, who literally wrote the book on off-road driving, does an excellent job explaining how differentials work, what "four-wheel-drive" really means, and how to get your truck through just about anything. In delightfully classy English fashion. » 9/14/14 9:55am 9/14/14 9:55am

This Bad-Ass Nissan Titan Built By Facebook Fans Is Heading Off-Road

Over the past few months, Nissan has been modifying a 2014 Titan Crew Cab PRO-4X for an Alaskan off-road adventure with the help of its Facebook fans, who voted on a selection of options for each major upgrade. It came out looking incredible, now we'll see how it holds up! » 9/11/14 10:17am 9/11/14 10:17am

17 New Trucks Rated In Detail As Off-Road Expedition Vehicles

Enterprising reader HammerheadFistpunch has taken 17 trucks and SUVs you can buy in the US that reckons are best suited to long-distance off-road overland expeditions, and compared their abilities in this incredibly detailed report. » 8/27/14 2:05pm 8/27/14 2:05pm

This Commercial Will Inspire You To Finally Take That Big Adventure

Roll out of the office, set the navigation, and a few moments later you're someplace nice enough for a 4x4 photo shoot. Don't you wish it was that easy? Of course you don't, digging out of bogs and fixing flats is half the fun, but this little clip gets me fired up to tear out of town and hit the trail. » 8/14/14 11:06am 8/14/14 11:06am

Watching A Range Rover Get Restored In Fast-Motion Is So Satisfying

Land Rover has recreated one of the 1990 Range Rovers that participated in the "Great Divide Expedition;" Just a 1,000 mile off-road to prove they could do it and get some great photos. Seeing these guys put it back together makes the project look ridiculously easy. » 8/12/14 10:47am 8/12/14 10:47am

Watch & Listen To The Most Idyllic Off-Roading You've Ever Seen

The Road Less Driven hits Land Rover's fancy off-road trails at The Equinox in Manchester, Vermont. Thanks to the soundtrack, this video is the most soothing mud boggin' I've ever watched. » 7/28/14 2:30pm 7/28/14 2:30pm