Ram 1500 "Adventurer" is a Hemi on the cheap

Chrysler needs a name for their entry-level Ram 1500, which offers the 390-hp 5.7-liter HEMI V8 in a cheap ($23,830) regular-cab pickup. Available in 4x2/4x4 with three rear-axle ratio choices and vinyl bench seats, why not call it awesome? » 2/15/11 3:30pm 2/15/11 3:30pm

Ghost Dodge Trucks In The Sky!

If you wanted more truck for the buck back in 1966, a truck that could haul a big buffalo-filming camera and came with such amenities as a padded dash and carpeting... well, cowboy, you better change your ways today or without the Dodge Adventurer you will ride! We can see the inexorable process of turning work… » 11/13/07 9:30am 11/13/07 9:30am