Ford Tweaks The Marketing Of Hybrids In New Commercial, Explains "Hybrid Gap"

Ford has hybrids? Who knew? If the Toyota Prius "cows farting" ad was the antithesis of all that is honest about automotive advertising, then this new ad for the hybrid Ford Explorer Escape cheekily mocks the advertising and marketing madness that is the cult of hybrid. Of course it's also an explanation of why the… »11/09/07 8:30am11/09/07 8:30am

How The Utes Were Won: Holden Spot Traces Pickup-car History

Atop a sound bed provided by Melbourne's own Jet — a band that knows its way around a royalty check, having become a raspy accompanist to the iPod, Vodafone, TV's Alias and the big screen's Spiderman 2 — is this history lesson from GM's Holden. It's a one-minute retrospective of Australian utes — that is, pickup-cars… »10/02/07 6:00am10/02/07 6:00am

Mazda Teams with Facebook to Find Designer of the "2018 Mazda3"

What will a Mazda3 look like in the year 2018? If you said something like "rotary-powered pinecone," you may have what it takes to win a new contest. Mazda's turning to Facebook to find new design talent as part of the Mazda Design Challenge. Contestants have to submit a 150-word description of their vision of the… »9/28/07 11:00am9/28/07 11:00am

Wango Tango! Dance Marathon for a Dodge Durango in Texas

Anyone who's seen "Hands on a Hardbody" knows Texans will endure all manner of tediousness to win a truck. Not content to give Nissan the last word, Dodge is sponsoring an endurance dance contest, the "Dodge Durango Tango" at the State Fair of Texas today. The enduring hoofer — partnered with a life-sized doll dressed… »9/27/07 10:19am9/27/07 10:19am

Prancing Phone: Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition

High-end cell-phone builder Vertu has a new titanium ear pillow for Ferraristi. It's the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60, inspired by the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It's an extremely limited-edition follow-up to the company's Ascent Ferrari 1947, and like it, commemorates Ferrari's 60th anniversary. The Ascent 60 comes with… »9/25/07 10:15am9/25/07 10:15am

Open the Doors and Kill all the Sheeple: Scion Online Game

What could Scion be going for with its new "Little Deviants" online game that involves bloodshed exacted on a race of "Sheeple"? Well, the brand that was supposed to be a niche marque for youthquakers has been partially co-opted by 50-somethings drawn to the quirky xB for mulch and home-goods hauling duty. What the… »7/17/07 3:31pm7/17/07 3:31pm