Ad Watch EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Chesterfield Hummer H3 Ads

Those hipster advertigeeks at Modernista!, whose new work with Hummer we've considered somewhat awkwardly gender-political (e.g., Get Your Girl On, Restore your manhood Restore the Balance), swear these new less-controversial ads (which we're premiering here on Jalopnik) are in no way a reaction to criticism. What's… »8/15/06 3:44pm8/15/06 3:44pm

Hummer Giving Reggie Bush Two H2s For Being Next Rich Athlete

Hummer is sponsoring this year's NFL Draft (tomorrow and Sunday). They sponsored last year's too and they used that event to introduce the then new H3. This year, projected #1 pick Reggie Bush will get the keys to two H2s that he'll be allowed to drive for a year. We don't really think a guy who will make millions is… »4/28/06 3:25pm4/28/06 3:25pm