Ask Comedian And Top Gear USA Host Adam Ferrara Anything

Top Gear USA will be back on your TV tubes this Tuesday for the final part of its fourth season. Host and funnyman Adam Ferrara is here now to answer all the questions you could possibly have about the end of season four, what's next, and what he has to say about cars. » 9/29/14 1:44pm 9/29/14 1:44pm

Adam Ferrara Will Be Live On Jalopnik Answering Your Questions At 2 PM

Actor, comedian, Top Gear co-host, and walking Long Island accent Adam Ferrara will be live on the site at 2 PM (EST) answering your questions so get ready. In the meantime, here's a clip from tomorrow's episode, airing at 9 PM (EST) on History. » 9/29/14 11:45am 9/29/14 11:45am

Top Gear Season Three Trailer Confirms Those Boys Are Petrosexual

As if it wasn't already clear, the three men atop American-flavored Top Gear are in love with cars to an unhealthy degree. Tanner Foust once offered to race our press Lincoln MKT and Rutledge Wood, of course, sold me his damn car. They are like us, the only question is to what degree? » 1/15/13 7:00pm 1/15/13 7:00pm

Top Gear's Rutledge Wood And Adam Ferrara Have Seized Jalopnik [UPDATE]

This is a warning. Top Gear's Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara are in New York today promoting the new season, which premieres tomorrow at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST on HISTORY. » 8/13/12 3:00pm 8/13/12 3:00pm

Top Gear USA Hosts Tempt Death By Corvair, Pinto And Samurai

Here's a a pair of exclusive photos from the set of next Tuesday's apple pie-flavored Top Gear on History, which reveal the boys will attempt to drive three infamous "dangerous cars" to the death: a Corvair, a Pinto, and a Samurai. Our money's on the Corvair. » 2/24/12 10:30am 2/24/12 10:30am

Win An Autographed Top Gear USA License Plate Before Tomorrow's Premiere

The season premiere of Top Gear USA drops tomorrow, February 14th, on History at 9:00 PM EST. We saw a preview of the episode in Detroit and it is — literally — explosive. Find out how to win some autographed swag below. » 2/13/12 2:30pm 2/13/12 2:30pm

"Top Gear USA" returns July 24

The all-'Merican version of Top Gear USA returns to the History Channel for its second season of silliness on July 24. Given what happened in the off- season, we have high hopes for this one. Maybe they'll drag race desks. » 6/27/11 3:00pm 6/27/11 3:00pm

Top Gear USA, Nascar combine for magical Top Gear 300

Just as Nascar spurs ardent fans and detractors, there's an equally strident break between supporters and haters of "Top Gear USA." This May, they can all come together at Nascar's Top Gear 300, the combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell of motorsports. » 3/14/11 5:15pm 3/14/11 5:15pm

Top Gear USA picked up for a second season

Top Gear USA, the American version of the popular British motoring show, must have been popular enough for HISTORY as Jalopnik just confirmed the network's picking up TGUSA for a second season with hosts Rutledge Wood, Adam Ferrara, and Tanner Foust. » 2/10/11 2:45pm 2/10/11 2:45pm

Top Gear USA Tries To Save Roadmaster, Fiero... Cutlass?

This week's Top Gear USA challenge will be to prove to GM they should bring back one of these Old GM products: Buick Roadmaster, Pontiac Fiero, or Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. We're voting Roadmaster because, you know, Buick still exists. » 12/17/10 3:30pm 12/17/10 3:30pm

Top Gear USA: First Drive

After five long years, Top Gear's American cousin debuts Sunday on the History Channel. You'll probably watch it anyway - but in the words of a very successful car guy: Is it any good? » 11/20/10 12:01am 11/20/10 12:01am

Top Gear USA: Better Than MotorWeek

Every single U.S. fan of Top Gear thinks History Channel's new Top Gear USA will fail like British colonialism. I don't. I think it'll quickly become better than any on-air American automotive show. Not that there's much competition. » 11/05/10 12:30pm 11/05/10 12:30pm

First Photo Of The Top Gear USA Set

This is the first photo of the studio from the U.S.-spec version of Top Gear, complete with a V12 table, old backseat couch, and a layout similar to the British version. Bonus photos of the Stig/SX4 below. » 10/27/10 3:00pm 10/27/10 3:00pm

Top Gear USA Filming Soon, Here's How To Get Tickets

The American version of Top Gear, which we can't help but call Top Gear USA, will start filming in-studio a few weeks at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine Ca. Here's how to get tickets. » 9/30/10 9:10am 9/30/10 9:10am

New Top Gear USA Clip Shows Trio Racing Lamborghinis

This just-released new video from Top Gear USA shows us a different side of the hosts from what was seen in the first trailer. Here the threesome displays a little less hugging and a little more profanity. » 9/01/10 4:50pm 9/01/10 4:50pm

Top Gear USA Stars Talk About Show, Stunts And Accidents

You've seen the trailer, now hear the stars of American version of Top Gear give Jalopnik some dirt on the upcoming show in an exclusive interview, including how two of them nearly died in the backseat of a Camry. » 8/11/10 2:30pm 8/11/10 2:30pm