Who Is Adam Carolla?

As part of our coverage of the announcement of the Top Gear USA pilot, we've put together a special feature on each of the three co-hosts. Believe it or not, Adam Carolla might actually know something about cars. Good thing, especially since he's going to be one of a trio of Top Gear USA hosts. Will his unenthusiastic… » 6/16/08 1:03pm 6/16/08 1:03pm

NBC Kills U.S. Top Gear?

With NBC announcing its upcoming program schedule, there's one omission that we found particularly interesting. Yes, it seems that the rainbow-peacock's version of the beloved BBC hit show Top Gear is nowhere to be found. While that's not to say that the show may not somehow show up at a later date, right now it looks … » 5/15/08 10:20am 5/15/08 10:20am

Jay Leno On Top Gear America: I Hope We Don't Ruin It

It looks like Jay Leno has some apprehensions about Top Gear America, and we're guessing he hasn't even seen the poorest imitation yet. In his column for The Sunday Times, he lists the reasons why he thinks the program is doomed (and he doesn't even mention Adam Corolla as host). Most importantly, he thinks the show is … » 4/01/08 10:20am 4/01/08 10:20am

Top Gear Knock-Off Makes Us Think America Doesn't Deserve Top Gear

Just when we were starting to get excited about the possibility of an American Top Gear, with or without Adam Corolla as host, someone clues us to Scott VanPala's Heavy Metal, which may be the worst knock-off of our favorite show we've come across (and we've seen a few of them). We don't know what's worse: the bad… » 3/28/08 10:45am 3/28/08 10:45am