Toyota Wants To, Like, Get Its Reliability Crown Back

Ad Age has a engagingly defensive Q&A with Toyota GM Bob Carter today. Carter mainly addresses the issue of getting Consumer Reports to once again reflexively vouch for his brand's reliability, sans testing. But he also gets called on the carpet for declining 2007 Corolla sales, and goes all Moon Unit in response: "We… »2/18/08 3:45pm2/18/08 3:45pm

Hyundai's Ad Agency to Get Crack at Redemption on Super Sunday

Hyundai has finally conquered its case of cold feet over a significant ad buy for Feb. 3's Super Bowl broadcast. Ad Age reported last week that the carmaker—which bought two 30-second spots in the second half, probably to introduce its new Genesis sedan—has squelched its anxiety regarding the creative capabilities of… »1/21/08 11:15am1/21/08 11:15am

Chrysler Group Sales Speculation: It's Not So Much The Size Of Your Offer As What You'll Do With It

AdAge's Jean Halliday claims the big pressure for anyone interested in buying the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid isn't so much what she claims is the "$5 billion to $7 billion" price tag. She feels the real questions are how the hell do you sell off the steel you've currently got taking up space on the… »4/10/07 9:59am4/10/07 9:59am