Fiat 500 Sacrificed By Audi Q7 To Encourage Crash Compatibility Standards

This week ADAC, the German auto club, tried to convince automakers to consider small car crash compatibility when designing larger cars by obliterating a Fiat 500 with an Audi Q7. The point ADAC was trying to make is not that the Fiat 500 is unsafe — it actually scores five stars in Euro NCAP testing where the Audi Q7… »7/30/08 1:20pm7/30/08 1:20pm

Max Mosley Responds To FIA Club Critics, Let The Crazy Continue

We've got the response from Max Mosley and his band of kinky minions to those puritans from the clubs that asked he accept resignation and be rewarded with a vote of confidence. In his usual nutty fashion, Mad Max responds that this is the "worst possible" solution because any suggestion there is a crisis is… »5/30/08 2:00pm5/30/08 2:00pm

Lexus IS Mystery Solved: It Was An Endurance Racer In Germany With The Candlestick

Remember that mystery Lexus IS circling the ring last week? Due to the camo, guesses as to what it could be ranged from a new hybrid to a mid-cycle refresh. Turns out that the most obvious answer was right: it's a race car. Those questionable hood bumps were merely an illusion created by the camouflage. This is the… »5/12/08 11:00am5/12/08 11:00am

Max Mosley Death Watch #2: ADAC, KNAF Demand Resignation

It's been a rough one for Max Mosley this week, though Mosley likes it that way, usually. The FIA president, now infamous for his alleged Nazi-stlye sex orgy, has rejected calls for his dismissal, despite automakers and the Royal Family of Bahrain expressing their serious concerns. Though Bernie Ecclestone stands by… »4/04/08 1:00pm4/04/08 1:00pm