Acura Is Slowly Committing Suicide

This was originally going to be a piece in which I congratulated Acura for inventing a 2006 Lexus IS350 with their grille on it, a vehicle they refer to as the TLX Concept. But I won't do that. There's no point in poking fun of Acura anymore. » 1/15/14 1:30pm 1/15/14 1:30pm

Acura Wants The New TLX To Be Like An Athlete And A Vault Or Some Shit

Quick! What two things do you want your luxury sports car to be like? A Cheetah and a jacuzzi? An arsonist and a waterslide? Wrong and wrong. According to Acura, it's a gymnast and a bank vault. And that's the essence of the new TLX prototype. » 1/14/14 1:40pm 1/14/14 1:40pm