Acura Exec: Something Fun Might Be Coming In 2017 Or So

The headline on this Car and Driver story is "A New Acura Integra? 'Just Wait,' We're Told," which makes you think there's really a new Integra in the Acura pipeline. But when you analyze the quotes from Acura chief designer Dave Marek, it's not that simple. » 11/06/14 9:05pm 11/06/14 9:05pm

The Acura Integra Is Still One Of America's Top-Ten Most-Stolen Cars

The Acura Integra, a car that went out of production in 2001, is still on America's top-ten most-stolen cars list. » 5/27/14 1:22pm 5/27/14 1:22pm

Used Car Face Off: Clean Japanese Sports Coupes

Welcome to Used Car Face Off, where we find two similar or similarly priced used cars and ask you which one you would buy. Choose wisely! » 8/18/13 1:00pm 8/18/13 1:00pm

What Luxury Car Isn't So Luxurious Anymore?

The cool thing about luxury cars is that their features eventually trickle down to regular cars. The problem with luxury cars is that once their features have trickled down, they're not so special anymore. » 8/08/13 5:00pm 8/08/13 5:00pm

Help Find This Jalopnik Reader's Stolen Acura Integra UPDATE

You guys are the best at finding things, and we here at Jalopnik are forever indebted to all of our readers for helping out one of our own. We're not opposed to trying to return the favor, so why not help us help another fellow Jalop and find this Acura Integra. » 5/05/13 4:27pm 5/05/13 4:27pm

The Integra Type R And NSX Are The Swiftest Members Of Team Acura

Everyone knows Acura is about luxury. "But to enthusiasts," John Davis begins, "that brand also stands for speed." Well, not so much anymore. But back in 1997, it sure as hell did, as this clip from MotorWeek undoubtedly proves. » 5/02/13 5:23pm 5/02/13 5:23pm

Do You Think This Old Acura Sounds Like A Ferrari?

The Ferrari F430 is a car you buy for the sound. That wailing V8 is the automotive equivalent of a money shot. Can the inline-four of a third-gen Acura Integra actually ape the Ferrari's killer app? » 3/28/12 1:30pm 3/28/12 1:30pm

Did looters take the wheels from this Tsunami-devastated racecar?

Japan's recent earthquake caused massive destruction in the northern city of Sendai, which happened to be the home of a racing team that ran one of Spoon Sports' DC5 Integra Type-Rs. That car was destroyed, but were its wheels looted? » 5/10/11 12:30pm 5/10/11 12:30pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Honda Civic/CRX/Integra

We've seen more Civics, CRXs, and Integras than any other type of LeMons car, and we've learned two things: 1) They're well-suited to quick lap times on a race track, and 2) They blow head gaskets. They blow a lot of head gaskets. In fact, car-parts stores near LeMons events would do well to stock up on extra D15 and… » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

Race-Leading Integra Flips On Final Lap Of Buttonwillow LeMons

The last few minutes of the Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons provided an epic battle between the Krider Racing Acura and the V8olvo. Until, on one of the last turns before the checkered, disaster! » 8/18/09 8:30am 8/18/09 8:30am

First Day Of Buttonwillow Histrionics Done, Hondas Dominating!

What a day of racing! No car held the lead for more than a couple of hours, and at one point the top eight cars were clustered within a two-lap span. » 8/16/09 4:00am 8/16/09 4:00am

2 Hours To Go In Day One, V8 Volvo Leads At Buttonwillow

Remember the Black Metal V8olvo? Featuring an all-star cast of Spec Miata racers (a vast improvement over the not-so-great drivers- e.g., me- they had in the past) and great penalty-avoidance skills, they're leading the race! » 8/15/09 9:00pm 8/15/09 9:00pm

The 24 Hours Of LeMons Texas Gator-O-Rama Über Gallery: The Japanese

Japanese cars made up nearly half the entries at the Gator-O-Rama, with 44 out of 95 vehicles coming from the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Miatas, Celicas, and RX-7s galore, of course, but that wasn't all. » 3/22/09 9:00pm 3/22/09 9:00pm

Engine Of The Day: Honda D

The screamin' Honda B engine gets a lot of attention in the automotive world (as well it should), but we shouldn't overlook its shockingly dependable corporate sibling, the D. » 3/14/09 1:00pm 3/14/09 1:00pm

24 Hours Of LeMons Arse Freeze-A-Palooza Über Gallery: Soichiro's…

We're always disappointed to see how many Hondas and Acuras blow head gaskets or otherwise puke their engines during a LeMons race, given Soichiro Honda's love of racing and all. This time, though, we didn't notice any Honda cylinder heads sitting around in the pits, waiting for team members to return from the parts… » 1/09/09 2:00pm 1/09/09 2:00pm

Krider Racing Integra Earns Massive 1,500-Lap 24 Hours Of LeMons Penalty

If you're going to get hit with a serious BS Inspection penalty at a LeMons race, you might as well go out in a blaze of glory! That's how it went with Krider Racing today. » 12/26/08 10:30pm 12/26/08 10:30pm

Meet The Latest 24 Hours of LeMons Champions: Krider Racing Death Proof!

In the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Thunderhill last December, we watched a Nissan Sentra SE-R place fifth (if not for a wheel stud failure, they'd have done even better). We thought the Krider team members were pretty cool guys, so it was great to see them at Altamont; this time their ride was an Acura Integra with a… » 5/12/08 10:00am 5/12/08 10:00am

Acura NSX Ripped To Shreds In Horrific Street Racing Accident, Driver…

Proving you don't have to put out Ferrari Enzo bucks to nearly kill yourself by driving like a complete idiot, a man in San Diego completely decimated his Acura NSX (erroneously referred to as a Honda Acura and an Acura Integra in various reports) in what is being reported as a street race with a black Honda Civic… » 4/17/08 1:20pm 4/17/08 1:20pm