Meet "Grem" and "Acer," Cars 2's newest car stars

Here's an exclusive first look at Grem and Acer, the two newest digital automotive cast members to Cars 2, Disney's sequel to the hit flick Cars, one of the best car movies of all time. Let's meet the two aptly-named "lemons" below. » 2/03/11 11:55am 2/03/11 11:55am

The Ferrari Of Notebook Computers Is — An Acer?

Although we're less geeky than our 'puter loving cousin — we're all for the cross-brand marketing — especially when it involves the Italian stallion, Ferrari. And to us, nothing says Ferrari like...Acer? Like we said, we ain't Gizmodo — but to us Acer doesn't so much scream "Ferrari." Especially when you hear how… » 6/05/06 11:18am 6/05/06 11:18am