GM's Momentum Maintenance: More On The Lambda Platform "Stop Sale"

I just got off of the phone with a PR staffer from the General, who provided me with a little bit more detail, but by no means the full story, on the General's decision to put a "stop sale" on the GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook. According to Lynda Messina, the PR-anista in charge of manufacturing issues for GM's… »12/11/06 1:01pm12/11/06 1:01pm

Breaking! GM Issues "Stop Sale" To Dealers On Saturn Outlook And GMC Acadia

Dealers received an immediate stop-action communique over the weekend from the home office at the RenCen of the General's decision to immediately halt sales of the two models in its threesome of Lambda-platform CUV's already on the market, the GMC Acadia and the Saturn Outlook. The communique, which appears to have… »12/11/06 10:01am12/11/06 10:01am

That's A Saturn? 2007 Outlook To Start At $27,990, AWD Pricing In At $29,990

Well, number two in the threesome of Lambda-platform CUV's — the General's answer to the Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX — has finally finished getting its makeup ready and is ready for the public. The Saturn Outlook joins its non-identical twin brother, the Acadia, in the ranks of "vehicles with price tags." Yes, we know —… »10/26/06 2:22pm10/26/06 2:22pm

Pricing! GMC Professionally Grades 2007 Acadia CUV At A Starting Price Of $29,990

You'll need to be a "professional" if you want to apply for a lease or purchase deal on GMC's new crossover hotness, the Acadia. The General's new CUV is nothing if not pricey at a starting price of $29,990 for the FWD base unit. While certainly not as many ducats as FoMoCo's new Mercury MKX (that starting price of… »10/19/06 9:20am10/19/06 9:20am

Fun with GM's Product Release Cycle: The GMC Acadia Breaks Cover

We love the randomness that is GM's product release cycle. Although we know, thanks to the Freep, GM is pushing up the rollout of new vehicles, what made the PR folks over at the Ren Cen say "Hey, let's drop this one on Wednesday, July 12th — how does that sound guys?" (Anything to take their minds off the pending… »7/12/06 4:00pm7/12/06 4:00pm