Red Bull Gives You Illegal Wings; Faces Grid Penalty

Per the BBC, the FIA will be investigating the front wings on both Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull Racing cars. The FIA, which sanctions Formula One, claims that the current wings flex downwards too much, giving the Red Bull cars an unfair aerodynamic advantage at speed. »11/22/14 1:19pm11/22/14 1:19pm


For a violent and chaotic life, get a Grand Prix Band-Aid

The Formula One season has been over for a month and we’ve still got two races to go. Can you believe it? This Sunday will see the third staging of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which, after last year’s four-way title battle, will be a non-championship race on a terrible circuit. And you can’t even get booze because it’s… »11/11/11 10:00am11/11/11 10:00am