Watch A Gas Station Change Prices During Live National TV Broadcast As Two Corvettes Roll Up

Gas prices have again spiked, but as much as the numbers go up, it's unusual to actually see the numbers go up. But an ABC News crew in Los Angeles managed to catch a price change in progress during a national TV broadcast — and it's just as two Corvettes roll up to the pump. »2/24/12 1:30pm2/24/12 1:30pm


We Watch Charlie Gibson Come To Town And Charlie Watches Wagoner Lift Skirt On Pontiac G8

We've got to think it was some kind of bait and switch. We were in the Detroit ABC affiliate studio waiting and watching Charlie Gibson play footsie with seven local automotive "leaders" at what we thought was to be the evening eye candy. Little did we know we coulda had a G8 — because the real automotive eye candy… »1/30/07 8:44am1/30/07 8:44am

Charlie Gibson's Coming To Town: ABC News To Moderate "State Of The Automotive Industry" Live In Detroit

ABC's Charlie Gibson is coming to Detroit to host World News tonight and tomorrow. While he's here, he'll be moderating a town hall meeting on "the state of the automotive industry" live on the local D-town ABC affiliate, WXYZ. We're lucky enough to have snagged a ticket so we'll be able to see things up-close and… »1/29/07 9:53am1/29/07 9:53am