Who The Hell Abandons A Porsche 911 GT2 RS?

With 612 horsepower and rear wheel drive, you think anyone lucky enough to own a Porsche GT2 RS would drive it every chance they had. This particular GT2 RS is collecting dust in a parking garage. Why? » 6/18/13 4:49pm 6/18/13 4:49pm

Police In Dubai Won't Actually Auction $1.6 Million Ferrari Enzo

Last week, we linked to a report that said the Dubai police would auction off an abandoned $1.6 million Enzo. Now Emirates 24/7 has confirmed that the car is not for sale, and its story is more complicated than we thought. » 4/27/12 4:30pm 4/27/12 4:30pm

Russian Field Contains Interesting Selection of Soviet Oddities

What's not to love about a field full of vehicles in various states of decomposition? This sentiment is perhaps even more true when the assortment of family sedans and commercial vehicles are of Russian origin—at least that is what it seems like after looking at these pictures. » 4/22/12 2:00pm 4/22/12 2:00pm

Meet Oliver Evans, The Inventor Of The Abandoned Car

If you're like me, and, let's face it, you are, you've spent many an afternoon exploring abandoned cars, playing games of What's That Stain? and Is This Edible? But did you ever stop and wonder about the very first abandoned car? You should. Abandoned cars are as much a part of motoring's rich heritage as the GT40 or… » 3/29/12 12:00pm 3/29/12 12:00pm

When a Citroën DS Turns Into Forest

Alícia Rius has shown us what abandoned cars look from the inside. Peter Lippmann, an American photographer based in Paris, takes the opposite perspective. His series Paradise Parking shows cars in a rather more advanced state of decay than the cars in Rius’s From the backseat of my car, cars which are more greenery… » 3/02/12 10:30am 3/02/12 10:30am

Bentley "barn find" uncovered in London apartment building

Suck it, Dubai. London's Canary Wharf sees your abandoned luxury cars epidemic, and raises you a Bentley. According to Jalop LordDetroitofLondon, this is the second abandoned luxocar in a month raised from the apartment complex's underground lot. The first was an Aston Vantage. » 7/29/11 12:30pm 7/29/11 12:30pm

Why was this Acura NSX left to die in Dubai?

This Acura NSX is all alone in the big bad world, left next to some dumpsters to rot. Well, it can't actually rot since it's all aluminum, so like other supercars left to die across the Arabian peninsula, it's decorating yet another forsaken Dubai development. » 4/05/11 10:30am 4/05/11 10:30am

Old cars left to rot under Canadian overpass

Spotting old cars is one simple joy of auto obsession. But if the sight of these old cars sitting under an overpass in Montreal, Canada covered in dirt and road salt doesn't bother you, we're not sure what would. » 2/20/11 4:00pm 2/20/11 4:00pm

Fifteen Mysterious Cars Pulled From Detroit River

Police don't know how or why fifteen cars were in the Detroit river, but they pulled them out the other day. Among the recovered was a Celica, Capri, a couple Fords and a 50s-era Buick. » 7/02/09 2:30pm 7/02/09 2:30pm