What's This Engine Found Washed Up On The Beach?

I’ve found lots of things on beaches — dead jellyfish, syringes, condoms, some seaweed-like stuff that I swear gets you high — but I’ve never found a surprisingly intact inline-four (with gearbox) like beachcomber Sara Clarke found at Whipsiderry, a little seaside hamlet around Cornwall, England. What’s this engine… »4/23/15 7:35pm4/23/15 7:35pm


Meet Oliver Evans, The Inventor Of The Abandoned Car

If you're like me, and, let's face it, you are, you've spent many an afternoon exploring abandoned cars, playing games of What's That Stain? and Is This Edible? But did you ever stop and wonder about the very first abandoned car? You should. Abandoned cars are as much a part of motoring's rich heritage as the GT40 or… »3/29/12 12:00pm3/29/12 12:00pm