Insurers Say Texting Bans Not Cutting Crashes; Mt. LaHood Erupts

The Highway Loss Data Institute says texting bans in four states did not reduce crashes, and in three states crashes actually increased. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood erupted on his own blog labeling the report "misleading." » 9/28/10 2:30pm 9/28/10 2:30pm

Max Mosley Wins FIA Vote, Keeps Job

In a stunning victory aided by the smaller organizations, Max Mosley won a vote of confidence from an assembly of FIA representatives. The vote was 103 for the motion and 55 against with seven abstentions and four invalid votes. The response has been overwhelming with German organization ADAC, the largest automobile… » 6/03/08 9:20am 6/03/08 9:20am

AAA Predicts Slightly More Holiday Driving, Slightly Less Holiday Self…

Every holiday the AAA, which is a quasi-governmental agency more powerful than the FRC but slightly less powerful that the pentaverate, puts out the results of a nationwide survey that tells them how many people will be hitting the roads. According to their survey, this year slightly less people (about 0.3%) will by… » 12/21/07 3:30pm 12/21/07 3:30pm

Gas Prices No Deterrent to Turkey Day Travel

Despite gas prices that are sometimes a $1 more a gallon, more people are going to be driving to get their fill of turkey and awkward family silences. According to AAA, a record 38.7 million Americans will be traveling more than 50 miles or more from home during the break, approximately 1.6% up from last year. About… » 11/15/07 11:15am 11/15/07 11:15am

The Jalopnik Morning Shift

• Survey finds 82% of infant car seats in Ireland aren't being installed properly. Reason to believe it's more statistical error than fact: The survey was taken on St. Patricks' Day. [Ireland Online]
• So let me get this's ok for China to tax our cars by 20% but the Administration won't do the same to … » 3/22/06 7:30am 3/22/06 7:30am