Spec'ing the Audi Small Hatch: More, Better

That Audi's building a replacement for the ungainly European A2 (or A1, depending on which rumor you prefer) is the subject of wide speculation. What that car will look like, however, is where opinion diverges. One thing generally agreed upon, however, is that the car will share parts with VW's Euro B-segment rides… » 1/25/07 6:31am 1/25/07 6:31am

Audi to Go After Mini Cooper with Next-Gen A2

Audi wants to take over the world. Well, not really. It does want to take on BMW by increasing its line to 40 models and selling 1.4 million vehicles globally by 2015. According to Herr Chairman, one of those models, the A2, will be totally reworked to attack the Mini Cooper full on. Company sources told AutoWeek the… » 3/09/06 8:44am 3/09/06 8:44am