Boeing 777 Races Johnny Reid in A1 Black Beauty

We knew Top Gear's Bugatti Veyron vs. RAF Eurofighter race would spawn more stunts in the same flavor, but we didn't see this one coming. Organizers of the upcoming A1 Gran Prix in Taupo, New Zealand arranged for a Boeing 777 to take on Johnny Reid in his Black Beauty A1 racer. The first heat saw the big Boeing win… » 1/11/08 3:45pm 1/11/08 3:45pm

Emerson Fittipaldi to Test Ferrari A1GP Car

With Ferrari's plan for contributing to F1 rival, A1GP racing, in the open, the hits keep on coming. First, Scudaria Ferrari announced the racecar it'll provide will be similar to this season's F2007 car. Its latest media coup involves Brazilian racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi, who says he'll come out of retirement… » 10/18/07 7:45am 10/18/07 7:45am

Ferrari A1GP Car to Be Based on F2007 Racer

Will A1GP get sloppy seconds as part of its deal with Ferrari? Could be, though one man's seconds are another's previously-out-of-his-league starlets. According to F1 Live, Ferrari will supply a new race car based on its current F2007 Formula One entry for the "World Cup of Motorsport." The new A1GP racer would use… » 10/16/07 10:54am 10/16/07 10:54am

Moonlighting: Ferrari Signs A1 Grand Prix Deal

It's called the World Cup of motorsport because teams represent their nations, not their constructors. It's A1GP, and officials just announced its engines will soon be burned with the prancing horse brand. Ferrari and A1GP signed a six-year deal that'll have Ferrari replacing Zytek as provider of V8 engines for the… » 10/12/07 2:00am 10/12/07 2:00am

Kiwis And Steak Sauce: Germany's Nico Hulkenberg Takes Double Win In…

Although you're probably more interested in the "grid girls" — Team Germany's Nico Hulkenberg took the double win in Taupo, New Zealand, running in first place from start to finish in both the morning Sprint race as well as the afternoon Feature race. The win times two puts Hulkenberg's highly precise team firmly in… » 1/21/07 3:47pm 1/21/07 3:47pm

In The Grip Of Steak Sauce Grand Prix Man-Love: Kiwi Reid Wins From…

That's the hero of the day, New Zealand's sweat-soaked Jonny Reid, being grasped by a man we can only assume is his pit chief in what we can only assume is a hetero cele-brah-tion after Reid picked up the pole on his way to a victory for the boys and girls from Aotearoa during this morning's 15-lap sprint race. The… » 12/10/06 1:08pm 12/10/06 1:08pm

The Rain In Sepang Smokes Pole: Switzerland's Jani Loses To German…

After Neel Jani took the pole yesterday and turned it into a win during the sprint race this morning, the race gods decided they'd had quite enough Swiss dominance for one weekend — opening the heavens up half an hour before the start of the feature race, forcing a start behind the pace safety (damn this silly A1GP… » 11/26/06 3:58pm 11/26/06 3:58pm

Nevermind The Neutrality In Sepang: Swiss Steal Pole Position From New…

A1GP qualifying results are in from Sepang, and A1 Team Switzerland's Neel Jani's sealed his second straight pole position in the Malaysian Grand Prix, beating out Kiwi Jonny Reid and the highly-precise German racer Nico H lkenberg by only two tenths of a second. Team USA's Philip Giebler came in at the middle of the… » 11/25/06 8:48pm 11/25/06 8:48pm