Photoshoot with KITT From Knight Rider And The A Team Van

I’ve been working on a personal photo series capturing movie and television cars (real and replica)for about 5 years now under the title “The Unicorn Project”. Most recently, I had an opportunity to photograph a replica A-Team Van and KITT from Knight Rider while I was in Los Angeles. These happen to be two of my… »8/01/13 5:08pm8/01/13 5:08pm


Lego Must Make These 80s TV Show Cars ASAP

I'm eagerly awaiting for Lego to release the official Back to the Future sets—note to Billund: you should make the RC model too—but I want more. I want all my childhood remade using Danish bricks (never mind that most of my childhood was actually made of Lego bricks). I really want all the sets above to be official:… »6/04/13 3:23pm6/04/13 3:23pm

New A-Team Movie Given Green Light, Status Of GMC Van Unknown

A little part of our inner child just leapt for joy as we've just found out the long rumored movie adaptation of a new A-Team movie has been given the official go ahead. The new movie will have a speculative release date sometime in summer of 2009 and the entire cast of colorful characters is completely open for… »3/25/08 8:57pm3/25/08 8:57pm

The A-Team Limo Pities The Fool in the Stretched H2

Our brothers-in-arms over at Gizmodo managed to locate the ever elusive A-Team and their tricked-out van. Like many out there, they've encountered hard times and have had to convert their van to a limousine and cart drunken bachelor parties to strip clubs. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Next thing you know they'll… »12/06/07 4:30pm12/06/07 4:30pm