Toyota A-BAT Gets Green Light, Tundra Diesel Gets Black Flag

According to »9/22/08 9:20am9/22/08 9:20am, Toyota has given the go-ahead on a production version of the radical concept first revealed at the 2008 . The compact, unibody pickup would be equipped with an expandable four foot cargo box and hybrid synergy drive while fitting into the footprint of the RAV4. The A-BAT would be one of…

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Toyota Venza Crossover Sedan Live Reveal Video

The 2009 Toyota Venza Crossover Sedan was revealed live only moments ago and through the power of digital media, you can watch how it happened. It's a small wonder we got out of there alive since moments after the end of this video, the throngs of rabid Japanese photographers and journalists mobbed the stage for a… »1/14/08 12:04pm1/14/08 12:04pm

Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Toyota A-BAT Concept Live Shots

The concept that takes a swing at the Honda Ridgeline, the 2008 Toyota A-BAT is all naked this morning, so we snagged some exterior shots for you. Toyota is bringing some new ammo to the expanding tailgate-features arms race, with a built-in flashlight and First Aid kit. We'll bring you more details after the Toyota… »1/14/08 8:46am1/14/08 8:46am

Detroit Auto Show: Toyota Reveals New Honda Ridgeline, Calls it the A-BAT Concept Hybrid Truck

This is it — whatever "it" is. Actually "it" is Toyota's newest concept they'll be bringing to the Detroit Auto Show in two weeks, the A-BAT Concept Pickup Truck. And A-BAT is more than just a winged rat, it's actually, as we're told by our friends at, an acronym for "Advanced Breakthrough Aero… »12/27/07 6:01pm12/27/07 6:01pm

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Toyota Venza Crossover Sedan To Bow In Detroit

Toyota announced today that they will be debuting a new crossover sedan at the Detroit Auto Show. We guess they're hoping to expand their narrow offerings and fill that huge hole between the RAV-4, Matrix and Highlander. The new vehicle will be "a unique blend of sedan and sport utility vehicle." Unique? The new… »12/19/07 4:30pm12/19/07 4:30pm