Four Key US Senators Sign Letter In Full Support Of The A-10 Warthog

Senators McCain, Ayotte, Graham, and Chambliss have all signed a letter rebuffing the USAF's recent claims that the A-10 must be retired in order to provide enough maintainers for the struggling F-35 program. In addition, it is clear that a defense spending bill (NDAA) will not make it to the President's desk with the… »11/14/14 5:35pm11/14/14 5:35pm

The USAF's Much Maligned A-10 Warthogs Are Deploying To Fight ISIS

After making its absurd case for retiring the most capable counter-insurgency and close air support platform in existence, the USAF is deploying the Warthog back to Iraq. The Indiana Air National Guard's 122nd FS will be taking the 'Hog on an unprecedentedly large and long deployment to Arabian Peninsula this October… »10/02/14 3:01pm10/02/14 3:01pm