The Porsche 911 Is 50 Years Of Pure Evolution

This year marks the 50th birthday of the most iconic sports car of them all, the Porsche 911. Now you can go the Jeremy Clarkson way and start bitching about how the whole idea of putting the engine in the rear was stupid, or start an argument about how it is only a tuned up Volkswagen, but no matter what you think,… » 2/08/13 3:00pm 2/08/13 3:00pm

Crazy Downforce: The J.N. Hephaiss Porsche GT3

New Porsche mod house, J.N. Hephaiss, aimed high with their first tuner. The company sent Porsche's new GT3 (996) into the lab, and came up with an extreme version that has more tail than Moby Dick. An adjustable exhaust allows the driver to hush the flat six in public, while letting it roar on track day. Its front… » 10/04/06 12:00pm 10/04/06 12:00pm

Hoo Ha! Porsche 996 GT2 Slays the Nurburgring

Sure, watching driver-POV videos of N rburgring burns can be tedious as waiting for your girlfriend to finish her turn at GT4. But this one, of a Porsche 996 GT2 devouring the Green Hell in just over seven minutes, has that stomach-dropping effect that's missing from most run-of-the-mill lappage vids. Take Dramamine… » 8/29/06 10:40am 8/29/06 10:40am