6:11:13! Stefan Bellof's (Unofficial) Record-Setting Nurburgring Lap

You knew we couldn't evoke the name of the late Stefan Bellof without providing the media to back it up. Thanks to YouTube, we can see how UK media covered Bellof's unofficial record-setting lap on the N rburgring in a Group C Porsche 956 (his official, race-day fastest lap was 6:25:91). »3/16/07 9:45am3/16/07 9:45am

Used Car We Can't Afford of the Day: The Porsche 956 Works Rothmans

We wish we could say we remember fondly seeing Jackie Ickx and Derek Bell tear Silverstone a new Priory in a turbocharged flat-six-powered Porsche 956. Or paid more than a passing attention to the 9iner's Le Mans rule from 1982 to 1994. Or watched as the late Stefan Bellof, teammate of Jacky Ickx, set the N rburgring… »1/05/07 8:51am1/05/07 8:51am