Racer seeks redemption in the Porsche that failed him

One of champion driver Walter Röhrl's biggest regrets was the 1981 San Remo Rally, which featured him in a rear-wheel-drive 911 SC facing off against the advanced all-wheel-drive Audis. A broken axle on the last stage took him out of the race. Now, 30 years later, he's got a chance to win in the same car. » 4/05/11 3:30pm 4/05/11 3:30pm

For $8,750, I Couldn’t Carrera Less

Iconic, idolized, and ass-engined, Porsche's evergreen 911 has proven over the years to be aspirational and yet reasonably obtainable. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 1976 Targa aspires to be obtained, but does it require too much green? » 9/01/10 8:00am 9/01/10 8:00am