You Want Cool Saab 900s? Go To Denver!

Every time I found a nice old Alameda Volvo for DOTS, the Saab-o-philes would tilt their heads up to a grim frozen uncaring sky and bewail my obvious anti-Saab bias, no doubt imploring Odin to send those damn Göteborg bricks straight to the Crusher. But what can I say? We just don't have old Saabs on the island! I did… » 1/11/08 3:30pm 1/11/08 3:30pm

What's Your Favorite Swedish Car?

So much for Strike Week. Let's move on then to cars from a socialist country: those funky meatballs from Sweden! As a child we were forbidden from thinking about cars from Odin's Skull Scandinavia. The old man found the idea of owning a viking-mobile in the desert wasteland of Los Angeles to be idiotic. And he took… » 9/26/07 12:30pm 9/26/07 12:30pm