Entire 2009 Saab 9-3 Lineup Gets XWD, Non-XWD Model To Start At $28,835

We knew it was on the way, but the Cross-Wheel-Drive system which debuted on the 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X » 9/11/08 6:20pm 9/11/08 6:20pm has been made available across the rest of the 9-3 lineup for 2009. The Haldex-sourced system provides on-demand all-wheel drive which can be shifted to the wheel with the greatest grip on the fly. XWD equipped cars…

PCH, Ice, Rust, och Akvavit Edition: Saab or Volvo?

After the outpouring of love and frustration for the rectangular vehicles of Göteborg in the comments associated with yesterday's Volvo Valhalla post, it seemed only right to head to Scandinavia for today's projects. After all, it's been months since our last all-Swedish PCH. The Saab won that one, so let's see if… » 2/15/08 5:00pm 2/15/08 5:00pm

Born From GM: Saab Prices 2007 Model Year Lineup

We just got the press release from the company selling off the sons and daughters of jets — and Saab's '07 US lineup has a starting price of $26,915 with a top out at $43,120. Although it may seem it's a few grand higher than the 2006 pricing entry point of $23,710 — it's really about the same, because that was… » 9/08/06 4:24pm 9/08/06 4:24pm

AutoExpress's Future Saab 9-5; Is it Accurate?

The UK's AutoExpress speculates on a future Saab 9-5 based on the designs introduced in its Aero X concept at the Geneva Show earlier this year. Be careful, says Trollhattan Saab — AE doesn't have the best track record for speculative accuracy. Still, they say, the spec images (pictured) appear similar to those that… » 8/10/06 11:01am 8/10/06 11:01am