GM Buckles To Jalopnik Pressure, Reveals Slightly Less Grainy Images Of Upcoming Lineup

UPDATE: We used the "GM Buckles" line for purposes of humor. They really didn't "officially release" these pictures. They're from the same video presentation we saw earlier in the week. Just a wee bit more clear than the last set.

The clamor of every auto enthusiast outlet on the face of this earth was apparently too… »7/18/08 6:14am7/18/08 6:14am

Detroit Auto Show: Top Five Concept Car Features That'll Never See Production

Concept cars are notorious for rarely making it to the street. But what about the enticing features that designers include in their dreamy visions of our automotive future? We combed through the files we've amassed at the show this week and come up with five features that don't stand a chance in hell of ever… »1/15/08 5:10pm1/15/08 5:10pm

Go Dutch! Saab 9-4X BioPower Concept Leaked Ahead of Detroit Intro

The land that brought you Rembrandt, pannekoeken and the tulip has another surprise hidden in its clogs. It's the Saab 9-4X BioPower concept, apparently leaked prematurely by Dutch auto site AutoTelegraaf. The pics are small, but the news is fairly large; the concept hearkens an imminent arrival of Saab's first… »1/08/08 7:33am1/08/08 7:33am

Over the Back Fence: More on a Small Ute for Saab?

Whispers about the upcoming Saab 9-4x mini ute and its European Cadillac BLX cousin have been circulating via those lovable sorts at Trollhattan Saab. Now, the Swedish mafia media is in on the act. According to Teknikens V rld — which also commissioned the rendering above — Saab's 9-3 based X3 contender may be shown… »4/12/07 12:06pm4/12/07 12:06pm