Saab 9-3 2.0T Special Edition Convertible To Drop Top At LA Auto Show

All you haters who think GM's showing up with nothing at next week's LA Auto Show »11/12/08 9:30am11/12/08 9:30am — get ready to eat your words. The boys and girls from Trollhattan will celebrate 25 years of quirky Swedish open air driving with the Saab 9-3 2.0T Special Edition Convertible. The new Saab convertible, pays homage to the first Saab…

New Saab 9-3 Mule Snapped Masquerading As Opel Insignia

What appears to be a lightly camouflaged Opel Insignia »10/28/08 1:00pm10/28/08 1:00pm is most likely a development mule for the — despite V that it's a 9-5. The previous 9-3 was built on the Vectra's Epsilon platform; Insignia is replacing Vectra, which makes the Saab variant here a 9-3. What we can't see in these photos is whether this mule is…

Entire 2009 Saab 9-3 Lineup Gets XWD, Non-XWD Model To Start At $28,835

We knew it was on the way, but the Cross-Wheel-Drive system which debuted on the 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X »9/11/08 6:20pm9/11/08 6:20pm has been made available across the rest of the 9-3 lineup for 2009. The Haldex-sourced system provides on-demand all-wheel drive which can be shifted to the wheel with the greatest grip on the fly. XWD equipped cars…

Exchange Rate Puts Kibosh On Saab 9-3 Employee Purchases; More To Come?

Starting with the 2009 model year, Saab will no longer allow GM employees to purchase the 9-3 at a discount, citing current exchange rates that make the 7% price cut economically unsound. Saab sold about 23,000 9-3s last year, and the company claims approximately 1,500 of those were employee sales — though we think… »7/02/08 4:00pm7/02/08 4:00pm

2008 Saab 9-3 Convertible Yellow Edition: Saab Builds Another Wasp-Looking Drop-Top

Apparently the angry brand born from jets has a little bit of a secret — when it comes to pretty, happy and sunny colors, Saabophiles everywhere see the color yellow as some kind of a "code word." No, it's not like a foot-tapping-in-a-stall kind of thing — and we're pretty sure it's not a "P***y Magnet" kind of thing.… »4/24/08 7:20am4/24/08 7:20am

2008 Saab Turbo X Priced $11K Higher In Canada, Canadian Car Sales Bouyant Despite Price Disparities

Saab has just announced that the 2008 Turbo X — the new range-topping version of their 9-3 sedan — will start at $54,995 — just shy of 55,000 loonies. Do the math and that's $53,898 in real money, $11,388 (USD) more than the car will start at south of the Windsor-Detroit line. Yet vehicle sales in Canada remain… »4/09/08 5:30pm4/09/08 5:30pm

Saab's 1-Series Mini-Fighter To Debut in London

The folks at Trollhättan are not content to let their counterparts at Audi, BMW, Volvo &mdash pretty much every European luxury counterpart &mdash dominate the upscale small car market. Thus we hear they'll be introducing a concept version of the 9-1 entry level vehicle at London that will be "sporty enough to fit the… »12/05/07 11:15am12/05/07 11:15am Drops A New Top Ten List Of Cars Gays Are Searching For

While not ourselves gay, we're proud to support our man-loving brothers and women-loving sisters in making whatever choices they feel most comfortable making. That includes cars — like the latest fabulous list of most-researched vehicles on Apparently the Toyota Yaris continues to take the top spot,… »7/24/07 10:00am7/24/07 10:00am

Spy Photos: 2008 Saab 9-3 Spotted Ahead of Late '07 Launch

The General's favorite Swedes are approaching go time for their de-topped version of the new 9-3. But some joker with a digicam has apparently uncovered a proto-production model in country. The most noticeable difference is of course that new face, lifted wholesale from the company's Aero X concept, first shown at… »6/06/07 11:53am6/06/07 11:53am