Saab's 1-Series Mini-Fighter To Debut in London

The folks at Trollhättan are not content to let their counterparts at Audi, BMW, Volvo &mdash pretty much every European luxury counterpart &mdash dominate the upscale small car market. Thus we hear they'll be introducing a concept version of the 9-1 entry level vehicle at London that will be "sporty enough to fit the… » 12/05/07 11:15am 12/05/07 11:15am

Across the Back Fence: Saab 9-1 Coming in 2012

According to a Trolhattan Saab tipster offering alleged insider information, Saab is building a small 9-1 as "a style icon for the Saab brand." According to the tipster, the GM's shined its green light, and the supposed Mini fighter is "guaranteed" for production. This whole upscale "urban" car genre is exploding… » 2/01/07 5:11pm 2/01/07 5:11pm