Alfa Romeo Officially Returns To US Market This Month With 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo made it official a year ago »10/07/08 1:40pm10/07/08 1:40pm when they announced plans to return to the US auto market after a 13-year cooling-off period. But now it's actually here, as the Italian automaker begins to rekindle its romance with the US auto market later this month, when they import 84 copies of its exclusive . The lusty —…

Alfa Romeo Could Californicate, Build 8C Replacement Off Ferrari California

In a recent interview, Alfa Romeo's global marketing director, Sergio Cravero, expressed his desire to have an Alfa Romeo model based on the new 2009 Ferrari California. "It would be great if Ferrari let us do it... but they are very hard to convince." The potential model would be a replacement for Alfa's current… »7/02/08 1:00pm7/02/08 1:00pm

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Production Model Revealed, Coming To Geneva

If you're the type that prefers the looks of a drop-top to a coupe, then this should make your day. These are the first shots of a production model spider of the Alfa Romeo 8C that will be shown at Geneva next month and yes, it's the drop-top version of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Wert fell in love with this… »2/19/08 11:20am2/19/08 11:20am

Report: Alfa Coming to US in 2009, Bringing 8C, Brera, Spider

Oh good — Fiat's so flush, it's sending Alfa to the states earlier than expected. In fact, the UK's Just Auto says we'll start seeing launch activity by the end of 2008. The mag's also making with new details about the lineup. We already knew the 8C Competizione and its Spider sibling will be the halo cars — as if we… »7/03/07 10:22am7/03/07 10:22am

Dark, Dark Horse: Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione 8C in Geneva

In Paris, Alfa Romeo hid its comely 8C Competizione from photographers' gaze in a lens-thwarting glass box. In Geneva, the company took a different tack to prevent overexposure: Black paint and wacky lighting. We're not sure if it's a conspiracy by Fiat's mid-luxe brand to keep the 8C as exclusive as possible. But… »3/12/07 3:09pm3/12/07 3:09pm

Alfa 8C Not to Be? That Is the Question; Here's the Answer

The blogosphere was all abuzz yesterday about Alfa Romeo killing the 8C Competizione (again). Don't panic. Take a deep breath and think of Sienna Miller lounging poolside. Feel better? Turns out someone had gotten a hold of an old article that ran in Autocar indicating production of the prototype had been nixed.… »3/21/06 9:25am3/21/06 9:25am