The Sexy Secret History Of BMW's New Artist

Jeff Koons isn't just the artist behind BMW's latest art car — he's also created some seriously erotic artwork. Take this piece, depicting his porn-star ex-wife, titled "Dirty Jeff on Top." Is this the kind of artist BMW wants? (NSFW) » 4/12/10 1:45pm 4/12/10 1:45pm

BMW 850CSi Vs Ferrari 456 GT

Today's question comes to you straight from Alex Roy's loft in the NYC. Though Mr. Roy himself has no knowledge of it. No, the house-crashing intrepid Davey G Johnson done thunk this one up. We were having one of our usual DAF vs. FAF type dialogs over IM, only this time it was about the merits (and demerits) of a … » 10/04/07 11:30am 10/04/07 11:30am

Pick A BMW, Any BMW

This is the end of BMW Week, I swear it. But, since we have been all things Bavarian around here since last Wednesday, we figured why not go out with a Danube-sized splash. And today's question is wickedly simple. You only get one BMW; which one shall it be? Me? Well, I'm torn between 3 lusty Bimmers. First, you got… » 10/01/07 12:45pm 10/01/07 12:45pm