Chrysler's French President Loves Eminem

The reveal of Chrysler's "new" products kicked off with Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and the company's French North American President Olivier Francois trying, semi-successfully to recite the lyrics. » 1/10/11 10:15am 1/10/11 10:15am

Deadly Crash Closes Part Of 8 Mile Road Near Detroit

We'd heard this morning on a local Metro Detroit radio station that 8 Mile Rd. in Southfield was shut down for indeterminate reasons. Turns out after we got off the radio, we're told a city trooper called in to tell the same local radio station a guy stepped out of his blue Cadillac at around 4:40 a.m. for no known… » 12/26/06 9:48am 12/26/06 9:48am

Big BAY-Bay! Detroit's WJLB Snags Back Snagged Ride!

The big urban hip-hop station from the big D with the mention in Eminem's 8 Mile lost its tricked-out red Dodge Magnum last month, but Detroit 5-0 were able to come through with both the ride and a suspect. Although the ride was stripped, WJLB was thankful for the law's help — but was pretty strong with both their… » 5/30/06 10:03pm 5/30/06 10:03pm