n2a Motors 789 Corvette Re-Skin Is Hotter Than Headlights

With over 1500 watchers, the n2a Motors 789 re-skinned Corvette auction may supposedly become the most popular eBay Motors auction of all time. Second most popular? The 3M 39008 Headlight restoration kit. [Pulse] » 5/19/09 1:30pm 5/19/09 1:30pm

Autorama Cleanout: Dissension in the Ranks, n2a Vettalair is Cool

Yeah, that's right, I'm thumbing my nose at the establishment, giving the finger to the man, and gesturing in any other phalangically based displays of disrespect. I say this is the first C6 Corvette-based conversion that does not, in fact, suck. In pictures it may not work; our very own commenters raked it over theā€¦ » 3/14/07 5:40pm 3/14/07 5:40pm

Chevy-Chevy-Chevy: The 789 by N2A Motors

Lots of madness tucked into SEMA's nooks and crannies. To wit: the 789. Built on the bones of a C6 Corvette, the 789 is a style mashup of the 1957 Chevy, 1959 Chevy and 1958 Impala created by California design firm N2A (no two alike) Motors. (See, kids. Never smoke angel dust while you're thumbing through an issue of » 11/03/06 12:18pm 11/03/06 12:18pm