IAM Members Approve Contract, Keep Boeing 777X in Washington

In a 51% to 49% vote, members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers accepted a new contract from Boeing that will keep production of the future 777 variant in Washington State while cutting retirement benefits. The majority voted against the wishes of union leaders, but with the wishes… » 1/04/14 5:58pm 1/04/14 5:58pm

Alan Mulally Becomes Excited, Engages In Man-Love While At Boeing

It's January, 1995 — and that's former Boeing exec (still Boeing exec at the time of the video) and current FoMoCo CEO, Alan Mulally, watching quietly as the plane he was once the project lead on undergoes some extreme wing stress testing in the plane manufacturer's hanger. So, what we can learn from this video is… » 1/29/07 8:46am 1/29/07 8:46am