Son of 550! The Porsche 718!

We're not sure, but the instance of the Porsche 718 has to be one of the last times a GP car was derived from a roadgoing vehicle. In this case, it was the 550 Spyder, which itself was born as a derivation of the 356 — which of course is the scion of the Beetle, only with a meth problem. In any event, the 718 didn't… » 6/07/07 9:30pm 6/07/07 9:30pm

Sebring 1962 Redux: Chesil to Unveil Porsche RS60 Spyder Replica in the…

It's not like there's never been a Porsche RS60 Spyder replica before. Lots of hand-built specimens with double-digit horsepower are out there, some stitting rather pretty atop a VW Beetle chassis. But if the replicists at Chesil Motor Company remain true to form, the Chesil RS60 could be at the head of the class.… » 9/07/06 10:02am 9/07/06 10:02am