This is the worst car crash story ever

A driver smashed full-speed into a man working on his disabled car on the side of a Houston road this morning. And that is the least disturbing part of this story. » 6/28/11 3:45pm 6/28/11 3:45pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Mazdas Other Than RX-7, Miata

Most Mazda racers enter Miatas or RX-7s, but you're actually better off- statistically speaking- with a Protege, 323, or other Mazda. 626s haven't done so well, but otherwise Mazdas have done great. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

1982 Mazda 626 Luxury

I must admit that the Mazda 626 has spent its entire existence without really registering on my personal automotive radar screen. A generic-looking Mazda sedan with no rotary? Yet the first-generation 626 sold quite well and gained a reputation for reliability... and now most of them are gone forever, fed into the… » 4/29/08 9:00am 4/29/08 9:00am

The People's Curse: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

The people have spoken, spoken in voodoo, and their collective voices cursed and then crushed the living shit out of the Mazdasaurus Wrecks. First of all, a tip of the NFC North Champ Green Bay Packers cap to the artist they got to work the excavator. Amazing. He actually yanked the engine out like it was a still… » 12/30/07 3:45pm 12/30/07 3:45pm

The Most Menacing LeMon At Thunderhill: Mazdasaurus Wrecks

After day one wrapped up Murilee and I went team to team and took an informal, anonymous survey of which car they were most afraid of. A few cars, like the Rockford Pile and the Size Matters Fury got a vote here and a vote there. But it soon became a statistical impossibility for any car other than the Mazdasaurus to… » 12/30/07 1:00am 12/30/07 1:00am

Mostly-Forgotten Sedans! The Mazda 626

When we were a long-haired Jalopnik with a red El Camino, a friend with a powder-blue Volvo 142 encouraged us to write about Bad Religion records for the school newspaper and introduced us to a muffy chick with a penchant for the offbeat in a flannel shirt. At the time, she drove a Mazda 626, mock-affectionately… » 1/18/07 4:30am 1/18/07 4:30am