Doomed Datsun 610 Remembers When People Drove Small Japanese Wagons

It was Half Price Day at the local self-service yard last weekend, and I had my eye on a Porsche 928 that had been there the week before, thinking I could buy that purty Porsche intake manifold to hang on my wall. Sadly, the 928 had already gone to The Crusher, so I decided I might as well check for other interesting… » 6/20/08 2:00pm 6/20/08 2:00pm

1973 Datsun 610: The Luxury Economy Car

We've seen a '73 610 Down On The Street, and it didn't seem particularly luxurious. Quirky Japanese styling, yes, but luxury? You did get a lot of stuff not available on Detroit's econo-cars of the era (independent rear suspension, for example), but Nissan was claiming only 25MPG for this thing? » 1/28/08 11:45am 1/28/08 11:45am

1973 Datsun 610

It's amazing how all the pre-1980 Japanese cars seem to have vanished off the street in recent years; even in Alameda it's a challenge to spot once-ubiquitous 70s Civics, Corollas, and the like. Here's one that I took for a Celica from a distance, but instead it turned out to be the first Datsun 610 I've seen in years.
» 8/06/07 9:00am 8/06/07 9:00am