60 Minutes Depicts Russia's Air Campaign In Syria As Propaganda-Filled And Stalling

A 60 Minutes segment uploaded yesterday claims that Russia’s air campaign in Syria is really a propaganda fueled, dumb-bomb slinging adventure that has had questionable results, with goals that reach well beyond Syria itself — the same conclusions that Foxtrot Alpha has made for quite some time now.


How BP Hilariously Locked Itself Into Billions in Oil Spill Payments

Last night, 60 Minutes aired a report on how BP is trying to get out of a contract that has forced the oil giant to pay billions in reparations stemming from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, even to people who weren't directly affected by the disaster. The funny thing is that BP has no one to blame but itself.

Why Is 60 Minutes Dubbing Motor Noises Over Tesla Footage? (Video)

Anyone watching 60 Minutes' interview with Elon Musk? They keep dubbing motor noises over driving footage of the Model S. It sounds like they recorded a motorcycle engine and used it to spice up the car footage. Whatever it is, it's not the sound of a Tesla. (Update: 60 Minutes admitted to dubbing the sound)