Mid-engine 1955 Fiat 600 has a Honda motorcycle powerplant

It may still have it's trademark bubble car shape, but there isn't a whole lot else on this Fiat 600 that is the same as when it left the factory in 1955. Where there was once a backseat is now a 170hp engine from a Honda 1000rr. Finding a mid engine 1955 Fiat for sale is anything but a common occurrence, but it comes… »10/09/11 5:00pm10/09/11 5:00pm

PCH, Truck Bed Edition: Honda 600amino or Dodge Vanpage?

A French hydropneumatically-suspended diesel managed to win a photo finish against a V8-powered Malaise Lotus in our last Choose Your Eternity poll, which means we'll need to have another English Channel Hell Project Battle right soon. But today we need to go to the PCH Tipster Mailbag (which, sorry to say, I haven't… »1/28/08 5:45pm1/28/08 5:45pm

PCH, Engine Swap Edition: Hayabusa-ized Honda 600 or Duramaxed '47 Ford?

I never would have imagined that 55% of you prefer a Pierre Cardin '73 AMX to a "real" '70 AMX, but that turned out to be the case in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity Poll. Today we're returning to a theme we visited with Aircraft Engine Edition PCH and Mix-N-Match Madness PCH: Engine swaps! Not only that, we're… »1/09/08 5:00pm1/09/08 5:00pm