The Ferrari 599XX Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

You know you’ve got a serious track Ferrari on your hands when even the taillights have been ripped out to make room for extra vents. » 8/11/10 12:30pm 8/11/10 12:30pm

The Skoda Octavia Combi is Not the Ferrari of Station Wagons

Ferrari rented the Nurburgring for three days of testing as part of their F1 Clienti program, bringing four FXXs, ten F1 cars and 15 F99XXs. Also, as you see in the shot above, one Skoda Octavia Combi. More photos below. » 7/30/10 9:40am 7/30/10 9:40am

Pagani Zonda R Shatters Ferrari Nürburgring Record

The exclusive Pagani Zonda R just set a new "road-based car" record of 6:47 around the Nürburgring — crushing the Ferrari 599XX and even beating the Radical SR8LMS. [Pistonheads, Photo: CarPlatform] » 6/30/10 10:30am 6/30/10 10:30am

Ferrari 599XX Claims New Nurburgring Lap Time Record

The Ferrari 599XX claims to have just became the first production-derived sports car to break the seven-minute barrier at the Nurburgring, lapping it at an astonishing 6:58.16. But is it really a record? » 4/23/10 10:00am 4/23/10 10:00am

Forza Motorsports 3 Hot Holiday DLC Pack: What's Inside

If you're one of the million gamers laying virtual tracks in Forza Motorsports 3, the Hot Holiday DLC pack offers ten cars with a combined 5,649 HP. Below, discover why you'll want these bruisers in your virtual garage. » 12/08/09 2:30pm 12/08/09 2:30pm

Ferrari 599XX Gets Up Close And Personal In New Glam Shots

Is your day feeling down? In need of a fast fix of Italian? Then these newly released images of the harder, faster, track-ready 2010 Ferrari 599XX should suffice. Consider yourself properly livened up. » 5/01/09 6:45pm 5/01/09 6:45pm

Ferrari 599XX: First Live Shots Of New Track-Ready Stallion!

Here's the exclusive first shots of the Ferrari 599XX, a F1-inspired carbon-fiber track weapon designed to test new race-ready technologies. We recommend you poke a hole in a paper plate before directly viewing this gallery. » 3/02/09 12:25pm 3/02/09 12:25pm

Ferrari 599XX, 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE Launching In Geneva

Ferrari will debut two new cars at this year's Geneva Motor Show: a super-handling 599 GTB FIorano called the HGTE and a Ferrari FXX-like 599 in F2008 colors referred to as the Ferrari 599XX. » 2/27/09 11:30am 2/27/09 11:30am