Vandenbrink Design to Build Coachworks Homage to the Ferrari 250 GTO

Back in 2006, when Michiel van den Brink revealed his designs for a tribute to the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferraristi were taken by its curvilinear sex appeal. So taken, that some offered their deep pockets in exchange for one in three dimensions. Now, it appears the designer's turned the spec project into a real,… » 10/10/07 7:15am 10/10/07 7:15am

Novitec Rosso Reveals Tuning Kit For Ferrari 599 GTB Ahead Of Frankfurt Auto Show

The Ferrari-tuners at Novitec Rosso Tuning have announced and revealed press shots of a styling kit for the Ferrari 599 GTB they'll be showing off next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The kit's designed to help provide equal tiny parts of both "Go" and the "Show." The kit gives the 599 GTB an additional 25 horses… » 8/30/07 11:45am 8/30/07 11:45am

Edo Competition Ferrari 599 GTB Teaser

World Car Fans cracked open the Ferrari message boards and came up with a teaser shot of Edo Competition's coming Ferrari 599GTB tuner. Not so much rossa as really freaking blanca, this tweaked out horse will likely be revealed in Frankfurt next month. Until then, we can go back through Edo's prior versions of Italian… » 8/08/07 11:30am 8/08/07 11:30am

Ein Mama Mia! Driving Zee Ferrari 599 GTB

Defaulting to calling one's mother when faced with particularly disquieting experiences is a universal trait that transcends language. Though maybe, while driving the 620 hp Ferrari 599 GTB — accelerating from zero to 196mph on a public street — it automatically translates into Italian. Whoa, momma. » 1/29/07 6:58am 1/29/07 6:58am

No Stone Untuned: The Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB

Prancing horse purists may have to leave the room when they get a look at what Hamann's done with Ferrari's top-of-mast 599 GTB. The average fan of exotics, however, is best positioned to appreciate Hamman's judiciousness with the body kit action on this, the company's latest Ferrari-based tuning job. No over-the-top… » 12/14/06 12:45pm 12/14/06 12:45pm

Spy Photos: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 4x4

Let's say this crazy Dr. Brown setup is a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti fitted with the Maranello boys' new part-time 4x4 system. Were that the case — and it probably is — it would be an early test mule for the system, which is destined for an updated Scag. Winding Road's Reilly Brennan explains what all that science junk… » 11/15/06 12:01pm 11/15/06 12:01pm

Another Ferrari Ferrari Didn't Build: The Vandenbrink GTO

The trend toward coachbuilding houses ripping Ferrari product apart and rebuilding them to different spec continues, largely unabated. Well, it will, once Vandenbrink Design of the Netherlands renders their GTO design study in sheetmetal. The company, started by an automotive designer and an entrepreneur who's worked… » 9/25/06 8:28am 9/25/06 8:28am

Ferrari 599 GTB Commercial Video Est Arrive!

The product of that video shoot late last year that was reported to show a Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano ripping through canyons of the western US has hit the online. Despite (enhanced by?) lovely French narration by Audrey Tautou (in our mind), the video shows heli-shots of a red 599 being flogged on a road near where the… » 6/09/06 10:00am 6/09/06 10:00am

Ferrari's 599 GTB Pounds the Fiorano Pavement

The 620-hp Ferrari 599 GTB, the the prancing horse crew's newest front-engine coupe, could have one of the sweetest vehicular soundtracks outside of GT4. How do we know? By this Auto Motor und Sport video showing the new GT getting a proper workout at the company's Fiorano test track. It's full on Zwelf-Zylinder… » 5/23/06 11:04am 5/23/06 11:04am

The Supercars Have Left the Building: Inside the Ferrari Factory

We've been wanting to tour the inside of Ferrari's Maranello factory ever since Big Bird taught us the word for the color red. Sadly, we're not quite in the same league as Canadian Driver, which posted a profile of the prancing horse's birthing rooms. As an added bonus, they've included at least one shot of new 599… » 5/08/06 3:53pm 5/08/06 3:53pm

Mamma Mia! Delphi to Supply Parts for Ferrari 599

Delphi announced that they will be making the fancy-schmancy magnetorheological dampers on the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. So that means the 599's dampers will be just like ones on MagnaRide-equipped GM vehicles? Let's all hope that the 599's suspension is a little more well sorted out than the one on the Cadillac… » 4/28/06 3:07pm 4/28/06 3:07pm