Deliver My Mother******* Maybach, Bitch: Samuel L. Jackson Gets a 57 S

As they say in the automotive industry, as goes Samuel L. Jackson, so goes the motherfucking country. That's why Maybach is promoting Jackson's recent purchase of a Maybach 57 S, personalized with special paint, refrigerator, silver tumblers, champagne glasses and folding tables for when company drops the fuck over.… » 12/07/06 9:40am 12/07/06 9:40am

You know I Am the King of Spain: Juan Carlos Gets a Maybach

It's no Galaxie 500, but we'd imagine Spanish crown royal Juan Carlos I is smilin' to himself and laughin' out loud nonetheless, having received a sporty, new 612 hp Maybach 57S (the driver's Maybach), delivered in person by DaimlerChrysler CEO, Dieter Zetsche. The King — a direct descendant of Holy Roman Emperor… » 5/22/06 9:32am 5/22/06 9:32am