Eight-Legged Fraud: Zagato 575 GTZ "Spyder" a Fake

Zagato would like to inform you the supposed Zagato 575 GTZ Spyder is a fake. A rep from the venerable Italian design firm says the shot we ran earlier this week — the one that triggered some puzzled stares around the Jalopnik virtual campus — is an "illegally photoshopped" spec of the Zagato 575 GTZ coupe, a one-off… » 9/01/07 6:44am 9/01/07 6:44am

Zagato's Commemorative Ferrari 575 Revealed

The first shot of Zagato's commemorative Ferrari 575 GTZ, a bespoke homage to Zagato Ferraris of the '50's and '60s, was released this week. The rebodied 575, which will be unveiled at the Villa D'Este Concours D'Elegance in Italy next week, is pictured with Yushiyuki Hayashi — the collector who commissioned the… » 4/14/06 8:20am 4/14/06 8:20am