2008 Ferrari 575 GTZ Spyder

Our boy Richard from Supercars.net just got us his scoop from the 2007 Quail Motorsports Gathering — what appears to be a new Spyder that looks like it could be derived from the Ferrari 575 GTZ built for Yushiyuki Hayashi. Richard expects it to be officially revealed at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show. Here's what else… » 8/30/07 6:28pm 8/30/07 6:28pm

Fezza And Fords, Photos

In some ways, hot rodding is an unfortunate ghetto full of Comic Book Store guys in either braided belts with denim shorts or full-sleeve tat-clichés. In others, it's a liberating act of can-do American yahooism; a tribute to those who came before and laid down the awesome. One can argue that guys like Jim Hall and… » 6/20/07 2:45pm 6/20/07 2:45pm

Ferrari's 2006 575 GTZ: Flashback To 1956

Ferrari's taking the wayback machine to 1956, producing an abso-fab spectacta-car celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous 250 GTZ berlinetta. The aluminum body, meant to fit atop the already insta-classic 575, sports a two-tone paintwork with styling cues that would make it's poppa proud. Our friends at… » 4/22/06 2:30pm 4/22/06 2:30pm

Ferrari Allows the Badges on Modified Cars

The kidlets over in Maranello, after lending their badge to all manner of questionable tchotchkes (surfboards, cologne, etc.) have actually lent their blessings to the three high-profile coachbuilt cars to debut in the next few months, notable because it's a reversal of a 30-year policy. Peter Kalikow's Scag-based car » 4/20/06 12:50am 4/20/06 12:50am

Zagato to Build Commemorative Ferrari 575

It's been 50 years since Zagato worked over a Ferrari 250 for gent'lman driver Vladimiro Galluzzi, creating the 1956 250 GTZ Berlinetta, a duplicitous coup-ay for both racing and showing (and chasing voluptuous women in housecoats down cobblestoned streets). Throughout the late 1950s, the Z boys created several… » 3/09/06 1:26pm 3/09/06 1:26pm