BMW 507

You know who we don't spend enough time talking about? Max Hoffman. Max Hoffman? Yeah buddy, Max Hoffman. Those of you with steel trap memories will remember that Hoffman was the guy who convinced Mercedes-Benz to build and import the 300 SL, a car we all agree is six degrees of triple-rad. Hoffman also had Frank Lloyd … » 1/16/08 12:45pm 1/16/08 12:45pm

Pick A BMW, Any BMW

This is the end of BMW Week, I swear it. But, since we have been all things Bavarian around here since last Wednesday, we figured why not go out with a Danube-sized splash. And today's question is wickedly simple. You only get one BMW; which one shall it be? Me? Well, I'm torn between 3 lusty Bimmers. First, you got… » 10/01/07 12:45pm 10/01/07 12:45pm