50 Cent Thinks "El Camino" Isn't Cool, Will Cheat To Elect Pontiac G8 "Curtis"

Continuing our coverage of the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck ballot bowl naming contest, 50 Cent has announced that he is officially endorsing his own name, "Curtis," for the name of the new ute. This comes as no surprise to our best political team on television hack team of — well, hacks — despite Bob Lutz's unofficial… »3/24/08 6:15pm

GM SEMA Display To Include 50 Cent's Pontiac G8, Jerome Williams-Designed "Urban CEO Edition" Buick Enclave

Buick had a serious contingent of over-primped vehicles on display at last years SEMA show and our lack of enthusiasm over the display doesn't appear to be stopping them from doing the same this year. At least this time the Enclave's out and ready to be toyed with — so that's one good product more than they had last… »10/02/07 3:45pm

Fitty Not In Da Club, Rather In Da Hoosegow: Arrested While Driving Chrome Lambo

Dave Thomas took a break from his Pere Ubuin', Rocket From the Tombsin', Elsinore-quaffin', burger-flippin' duties over at Cars.com's Kicking Tires blog to toss us a bit on the latest travails of everyone's favorite guy who didn't die tryin' to get rich. 50 Cent got accosted by the NYPD while driving his chrome-look… »9/08/06 5:30pm