Mercedes-Benz CL500 4MATIC, For Those Ski Trips In The Swiss Alps

No, 4MATIC does not mean that the CL500 has a 4-speed slushbox; it actually has Mercedes' 7-speed automatic. 4MATIC is Mercedes' all-wheel-drive system, which makes this the first time ever that the big CL coupe has been fitted with such a drivetrain. That means the V8 will send 55% of its 388 HP and 391 lb-ft of… » 3/05/08 11:15am 3/05/08 11:15am

All-Wheel Strive: Mercedes S-Class Gets New 4MATIC

Well-heeled lovers of things that come in fours (like fluted crystal glasses, calfskin desk sets and certain types of entertainment in Nevada) take note: The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a new 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system. AutoWeek reported earlier this year that the new version of the system, which Merc's… » 9/12/06 8:42am 9/12/06 8:42am

Coming Next Winter: Mercedes S-Class 4Matic

Mercedes will have its next-generation 4Matic system — the first developed entirely in house — ready for serious S-Class action in the US by next winter, according to AutoWeek. The new system will be biased to the rear, with a 45/55 torque split, and is small enough that the company won't have to alter the chassis.… » 3/15/06 8:57am 3/15/06 8:57am